Home Ownership and Money

I love spring. The flowers, the warm air, spending time on  the deck with the dogs, but with spring seems to bring an increased outflow of money. Owning my own home was my dream growing up.  We always lived in apartments or moved from one relative’s empty room to another.

I finally purchased a house at the height of the housing bubble in 2005, though I am lucky it was at the lower end of the market. While I am upside down in my mortgage, like most people, it is not tens of thousands of dollars.  But still, being a home owner is expensive when you throw in maintenance and improvements. I put off getting a new roof for two years which resulted in two interesting things:
1) The estimates this year were significantly lower than two years ago.
2) I was turned down for a home improvement loan, which would never have happened in the past, even with the amount of debt I carry.

I did find a way of paying for the roof, as I could no longer put it off. That whole leaking thing would have led to even more money issues! Within the same week I also had to get my sewer cleared of tree roots. It felt like the house was sucking me dry for awhile!

Now that those expenses have been dealt with I have other maintenance items to pay for, luckily less expensive. The old me would have run out and put everything on a credit card. The new me is prioritizing and doing it all incrementally for cash. It is not easy, as I would prefer to just fix everything at once, and I am putting off any improvements I want but don’t need (kitchen). So my priority is to clean and waterproof the deck, and plant my vegetable garden. I think everything else can wait, even my broken shed that drives me nuts.

Does this mean I am gaining monitary control?  I guess I’ll se as I venture forward in changing the way I veiw and spend my money.

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