Pay a Debt or Buy a Shed?

My shed is falling apart! I so desperately want a new shed. I am reminded of this fact at least once a week when I venture out to mow the lawn. Moving my neglected lawn mower in and out of the this thing has become a practice in agility. The doors were broken as they were ripped off in a wind storm two years ago. I either have to remove the doors entirely to get items in and out or I can open the doors to certain angle before they fall off themselves and maneuver the mower in and out.

I don’t remember this being such a pain last year, but then I recall I paid the neighbor kid often to mow last year. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of him this year. I think he is fully into his teens this year and probably not as interested in mowing lawns.

I am about 95% sure I’ll invest in a new shed, it is just a matter of when. I’ve started researching sheds for the cheapest (but quality) options. I could get another plastic shed, but I want something sturdy that I can lock. Not to mention larger.

I’ll technically have the money by mid summer, however I was planning on putting that toward a small credit card bill to pay it off before interest is due. My current plan is to pay the debt, live with the annoyance and maybe I’ll have the money in the fall. I’ve already picked out the shed, a nice 8×8 Wooden one from a local company. Each time I go out to the shed will be a reminder that I need to spend less and save more!
It is apparent that I need to put a maintenance plan in place for all my possessions that need to be serviced occasionally. I only hope I can save money by not having to replace anything this year. I will work on a maintenance plan and post it when it is complete.

A little money and time now will save big in the future.


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