I had a conversation with my best friend this evening and told her about this blog.  I gave her the site address so she could view it  if she really wanted to know how much in the hole I am.  I ended up uttering the number out loud thinking she was going to be shocked.  Turns out she is not that far away from me in terms of the amount of debt she owes, but she pointed out, I “have a bigger shovel”.  She is right, I do have a bigger shovel and my decisions affect only me.  I only have one income, but only support one person.  If overspending occurs, I only have myself to blame.

I told her someday, when the kids are finally in school and she can go back to work at higher paying position for what she went to school for, she will have a bigger shovel.  I said if I remember this conversation I’ll buy her a real shovel and decorate it with a ribbon to commemorate.  She told me to blog about it so I would remember and so following her advice I am talking about her private life on the internet.  She did after all give me permission, sort of.

Earlier in the day I posted a comment on another debt related blog called “Digging Out From Our Mess“.  She had mentioned embarrassment at what they spent the money on to get to the point they were at. My conversation with my friend made me think about all the people who are embarrassed by their situation and wonder, to what lengths they have gone to hide it from friends, coworkers, and family.


2 responses to “Shovels

  • Vicki

    I remember telling my best friend (who is my baby sister) about my financial wows. However, when I admitted how much in debt I was in, I felt better and better able to face it. So I now I am taking a hard look at my situation and am working on a Plan to be debt-free in 5 years. I blog as way to get out my frustrations and keep on task. I wish you the best on your journey to become debt free. God Bless!

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