Pay it Forward

I attend a writing group on Thursdays at a local cafe.  This evening I went in early and ordered dinner instead of eating at home and then buying a drink.  I figure since I take up a table for hours at a time I am obligated to at least purchase a drink and a occassional meal.

I never carry cash, it tends to get spent faster if readily accessible, so I whipped out my debit card and was promptly informed that their credit card machine was broken.  A new one is arriving on Friday, so I said just to cancel the order, I’d head down the street to an ATM and come back.  The woman behind me immediately offered to pay for my meal as long as I would pay it forward.  I agreed, thanked her profusely and will now look for a chance to do so.  I don’t look at it as a free meal, but a simple kindness and I will keep my promise.

When I get my next paycheck I’ll stick a $20 deep in my purse for just such an a occassion.


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