Wednesday Finances- Pets

In an attempt to change my spending habits I wrote last month about analyzing where my money goes.  I’ve decided to devote Wednesdays to specific categories of spending.  This week I will analyze my spending on pet expenses.  I feel I spend a lot on my two dogs, almost all of it I deem necessary, at least without looking to closely.  The following is a list of my yearly expenses for both dogs , along with the average monthly expenses when everything is added up and divided by 12 months. I know I can do better, the trick is trying to change habits and figure out a way of doing the necessities cheaper.

Flea & Tick (2 dogs x 12 months =24 Doses): $272

Soloxine (Medication, 1 dog@ 2 x a day): $56

Heartworm (2 dogs x 12 months =24 Doses): $168

Grooming (Small Dog, $40 x 8 times a year avg):$320

Grooming (Larger Dog $45 x 8 times a year avg): $360

Daycare (1 dog @$25 per day, once a month): $300

Home Again (1 dog’s microchip): $14.99 , the other dog came with a microchip from 24hr Petwatch that has a lifetime fee that I paid rather than yearly.

Food( avg $48 mo): $576

Yearly Vaccines (does not include rabies & license , they get the 3-year and have a year or two to go): $304

Gland Expression (1 dog, every 6-8 weeks): $128

Total for the year: $2499  , Monthly Average $208.25

Wow, that can’t be right!  And I used to send the one dog to daycare every week at $100 a month.  That was before I adopted the second dog, which looking at the expenses probably still cost me less.  So now that I put down the basics of what I spend I need to find cheaper ways of taking care of these dogs.  Especially, since they both need dental work at a minimum of $350 each.  This is eye-opening and still doesn’t include the treats and toys I sporadically purchase.  So?   What am I going to cut?

Find out later this week!

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