Pet Grooming Savings

Good news!  I may be able to save on pet grooming.  I checked with the library and they have several books on the subject.  That is not my hurdle to grooming my own dogs, however.  I can groom my female dog with only one problem, she is the smaller dog (Brittany/Cavalier mix) and I only have a shower, which makes it difficult to really clean her.  I am looking into several options such as a portable washtub, self-serve dog wash, and taking her to my mothers to use her tub.  As far as clipping her hail and nails, she is very cooperative, I just need to learn to cut her hair better.

The biggest hurdle has been my male dog.  He is a Brittany Spaniel and all legs, so he is tall enough that I can give him a decent washing in the shower.  My issue with him is cutting his hair and nails.  The last two days I have been able to clip the fringe on the back of his legs and EVEN the hair on his paws.  I’ve had to do one leg at a time, but this is a big deal.  When he came into my house as a foster a year and half ago, he snapped at me if I even attempted to touch his paws or petted him anywhere but his head.  I’ve put in a lot of work in with him and it is paying off.  While I am not sure I am willing to try clipping his nails, Petco will do that for $10, which is better than $45.

I will continue to get him used to me clipping the hair on his legs and feet for a few more months, then see if I can move on to nail clipping.

I admit, I haven’t attempted to find a grooming solution in the past.  Convenience has always ruled out over expenses, a habit I am beginning to break.


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