Pre-Payday Splurging

Every payday I feel the urge to go shopping.  Granted, I usually need to pick up groceries or fill up the car, but I think it goes beyond that.

Because I live mostly paycheck to paycheck, I run out of cash in the days leading up to payday.  This is when I am most likely to use a credit card or transfer money out my savings account (if I have any).  Usually, I end up “needing” to go to the store for a few items and walking out with lots of extra items.

This week was slightly different.  As I posted on Monday, I didn’t have enough cash for fuel to drive for work and ended up using a credit card.  In essence I followed my same pattern, it was poor planning on my part.  What I did not do however, is run to Meijer and buy a bunch of stuff I “needed right this moment”.  Good for me, baby steps.  Instead I looked at my cupboards and realized I have plenty of food if I get creative.  Every time I needed something I put it on a list on the fridge and guess what, there wasn’t really that much I needed.  I ran out of conditioner for my hair, which made my hair unhappy, but luckily I keep a bottle of detangle spray in the house for just such an occasion, it is like a bird’s nest otherwise.

I did go to the grocery store yesterday (payday) and I did go over my budget by 3.99, but it was cash, not credit.  Am I finally learning?  I certainly hope so.

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