Living Without Cable

Friday a friend came into my office and asked me if I watched “So You Think You Can Dance” this week.  I replied ,” no, I have no idea when it is even on,  in fact, I  rarely watch TV at all”.  She looked horrified and asked “what do you do with your time?”.  The reaction struck me as funny and a little weird.  I thought about it for a moment and said “everything I always wanted to do, but didn’t have enough time, because it was spent sitting in front of the TV”.

I have been existing without cable or satellite since mid-April and frankly, I have never felt so free in my life!

I really never thought I could do it, give up cable, but I had been thinking about it for months prior to actually canceling service.  Sometime around January I started feel addicted and trapped by my viewing habits.  Around that same time is when I became more determined to get out out of debt and off the spending roller coaster.  I always had many excuses on why I needed cable.  My most common excuse was “It’s not like I spend my money on nights out at the bar, this is my main form of entertainment!”.

In April, I was finally forced to make the decision due to a new roof.  I was subscribed to a satellite company getting all my channels in HD and in a love-hate relationship with my DVR.  There were two satellites on my roof, only one was used.  When the roofers were working, I told them to take them both off, cut the lines, and chuck em in the back yard.  I had made my decision, my love affair with cable was over.

Don’t get me wrong I still watch TV, but not nearly as much.  To sit down and watch TV I have to know when a show is on (I haven’t had to know the TV schedule in at least 5 years) and play with my antenna for ten minutes for it to appear.  That is just way too time consuming just to watch a TV show.  The antenna remains in place for CBS so I can watch the local news and that is about it.  I do have Netflix and a Roku box, so I can stream video at will, and if my heart desires to watch something that much, I’ll watch it on Hulu sitting at my desk.

I find I don’t want to watch TV that much.  It turns out, not only do I spend more time reading, writing, playing with dogs, but now I don’t have to spend time at work discussing the latest shows.


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