Mulching the Yard

Saturday I spent three and a half hours spreading mulch.  I’ve been waiting and saving for this day for months.  I ordered two cubic yards to be delivered on Friday and now my beds and around the deck look fabulous.  But, did I save on mulch buying it bulk? Yes, but not by much.  The real savings were on gas going too and from the store, because there is no way I could fit 28 bags of mulch in my car, and plastic bags from the landfill.  Here is the breakdown of costs (all paid with cash):

Bulk mulch delivered: 2 cubic yards at 37.92*1.06 (sales tax) = 40.20 + 42.00 (Delivery fee)  =82.20

Buying 28 bags of 2 cubic feet mulch on sale for 2.99 = 41.86 = 83.72* 1.06 (sales tax) = 88.74

I think the 42.00 delivery fee was worth it.

I ended up transplanting the green bush from the front bed and I have an empty area in the other side that I will fill in with plants from other parts of the yard.  It looks like the edges of my backyard were purposefully planted once upon a time and overgrew between owners. There are all kinds of bushes and flowers hidden amongst the weeds and I am slowly reclaiming areas of my yard.

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