Pet Expenses- Update

Last Wednesday I covered my pet related expenses, which ended up equaling too much money. This week my goal was to find ways to cut the bills down. Here is my result:

Daycare (1 dog @$25 per day, once a month): $300 As much as I like sending my one dog, I can no longer justify the expense.  She’ll still get to go if I have to board her for any reason and my mother always gives her a doggy daycare day as a Christmas present.

Flea & Tick (2 dogs x 9 months =18 Doses): $204, I’m eliminating Dec-Feb from the Flea & Tick.  They were on it year round due to doggy daycare, so as long as I don’t send the one dog in those months it should be OK to cut back.

Grooming (Small Dog, $40 x 8 times a year avg):$320, I will do it myself

Grooming (Larger Dog $45 x 8 times a year avg): $80, $10 to have PETCO cut his nails 8 times a year. I won’t do it, the first time I cut the quick I’ll have lost months of work in getting him to cooperate in the rest of the grooming process.  I’ll work my way toward eliminating the need for someone else to do this over the next year.

Total Savings: $  976, Monthly Savings $81

While it still seems like too much, I am not sure I can cut back on anything else, almost everything left is food and medical.  Still I cut my expenses by an average of $81 a month, not too shabby.


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