Wednesday Finances- Utilities

As promised, every Wednesday is look at a budget category and reduce expenditures.  This week’s budget analysis is on my Utility expenditures.   Just a little background to put the costs into perspective; I don’t have a dishwasher, I dry my clothes in a gas dryer, I have central air, I keep my thermostat at 72 in the winter/76 in the summer, and I water my outdoor plants.

Natural Gas ( I pay the same monthly amount and rectify in April): $69 a month, $828 year

Electric/Water/Sewer ( I pay the same monthly amount and rectify in April): $71 a month, $852 year

Garbage: $38 quarterly, $152 year

Internet/Phone: $57 a month average, $684 year

Total Yearly Average: $2516  Total Monthly Average:$209

When it all gets added up, it sure is a lot of money. I know I can be more efficient by installing a hot water blanket, getting a clothesline, etc. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to purchase any of those items right now, but I will look into the cost and save up.  The one thing I won’t budge on is lowering or raising the thermostat.  One of the joys of being single is I get to keep the house at the temperature I want!  That and I control the remote, except I don’t have cable, so it is no longer a bonus of being single.

I will spend the week revamping my Utilities and report back on Tuesday what my reduction plan is.


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