You Need A Budget

After many long hours of deliberation, I decided to go ahead and purchase the “You Need A Budget” (YNAB) software.  I have Quicken 2010 but don’t find it  useful for budgeting.  It is only good for keeping track of my banking accounts.

I looked at many reviews and downloaded the 7-day free trial. Although seven days isn’t enough time to test the software and make a decision, they do have a 30-day moneyback guarntee if your not satisfied.  I have a “slush” fund that I use to save up for things I want and I took the money from there to purchase the software since I didn’t budget for it!

I tried using an excel spreadsheet, but the thing about YNAB that kept me going back to look at it was; the ability to carry over money automatically from month to month in the budgeting process.  The software is not nearly as complex as Quicken and if I were able to automatically update all my accounts with a click of the button I’d drop Quicken like a hot potato.

As it is I will use both software packages for now.  I realized in using Quicken that I just couldn’t keep money in the bank, after each paycheck, if there was extra left I felt the need to put it toward a debt rather than building up a one month carryover.  I think my budgeting issues will be helped with YNAB, it is very user-friendly.


One response to “You Need A Budget

  • Jesse

    Hi Jenn,
    Thanks for your kind words about YNAB. Welcome! We do hope to eventually add the ability to update accounts with a single-click. Perhaps then you really can dump Quicken (music to my competitive ears) and manage your climb out of debt solely with YNAB 🙂

    Good luck!

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