Garage Sale

All this week I have been preparing for my garage sale Saturday, on top of class and work.  Every year someone organizes a street wide garage sale that only costs each house $1 to help pay for the advertising.

I think garage sales are a ton of work but having someone else take care of the advertising and scheduling for $1 is incentive enough to participate.  I also heard that the neighborhood just north of me is having massive garage sales all day as well.  I am not sure if that will mean more traffic my way or competition as they are perceived as a “better off” neighborhood.  I have been combing through my things figuring out what I really want to keep and what to sell.  I don’t think I’ll make much, but it is worth it to earn some money and get the unwanted stuff out of my house.

My goal is to make enough money to buy a new pair of nice shoes.  I detest shoe shopping with a passion but desperately need a pair or two.  It is hard to bring myself to spend the money on quality shoes and I believe in paying more if they will last longer.  Unfortunately, last October I suffered a major toe sprain, my Podiatrist called it “Turf Toe”.  It is still not healed and there is a possibility I might need surgery.  Ever since the injury I find it difficult to wear heels and all winter long I wore an extremely comfortable pair of clogs.  However, they are lined in fleece and making my feet really hot, so I must get new shoes! Ugh!

Hopefully, I can at least get enough money from my sale for one pair, but I still have to shop for them, yuck!

3 responses to “Garage Sale

  • Jeff

    Good luck…My wife and I had a few the months preceding our move to KY and we mad good money. I didn’t think we would have. More yard sales means more traffic. Do not be surprised if know each other by name too. It is kinda crazy.

  • Young Mogul

    I hope your garage sale goes well–they are a lot of work, so it’s good you can get someone else to plan it.

    Also, hope you don’t need surgery–the cost of health care, I know it all too well.

    • Jenn

      I don’t enjoy having garage sales, but I have two friends that are participating with me and that helps a little.
      I hope I don’t have to have surgery either, but not because of the cost of health care. I am really, really lucky, I have a great health plan at work. In fact, I am one of the only people I talk to that thinks we should pay more towards it. I’ve been without insurance or had bad insurance before, I know how good we have it. The surgery probably wouldn’t cost me a dime. I had surgery in 2005 and it was all completely covered by my insurance.

      I am looking to become self-employed in the next few years and I have to admit the thought of losing that health care coverage is scary. I makes me re-think my plans often, but I know I’d be more fulfilled in the path I want to take.

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