Selling Books and DVDs

Tuesday, as I was pricing items for my garage sale, I pulled out some unopened DVDs and some popular book titles.  I had read that the local bookstore would buy back up to 20 items at a time for 20% of the resale value in cash or 30% of the resale value in store credit.  I gathered the 20 items I thought might sell and headed over to the store with my bag full.

It was super easy, I just filled out a slip with my information and browsed the store while they processed my items.  When I returned they had only rejected three books and I had over $40 in store credit. Whoopee!  I considered asking for 20% in cash, but I knew that someday I’d get the urge to splurge and now I have $40 to do so at the bookstore.

I certainly received more store credit than I would have gotten in cash at a garage sale and I think I have more items I can sell to them.   Now, if only I hadn’t purchased the items to begin with, sigh!

3 responses to “Selling Books and DVDs

  • Young Mogul

    I wish there was a bookstore in my city that did something similar to this.

    • Jenn

      I think it is a new thing. The bookstore has multiple locations but it isn’t a national chain and I think still family owned. They just started selling used books and media in the last two years. I assume to compete better with the national chains and online book sales.

  • Vicki

    That is awesome. I don’t buy books like I used to because (a) I don’t have the space and (b) it is not in my budget. If there is a book I want to read, I check it out at my local library. As for DVD’s, I only buy certain ones. I wait for awhile to purchase them because they eventually go down in price.

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