Small Savings-Paper Towels

One of my goals in cutting costs is to save on small items as well as the large ones.  Paper towels was one of the first items on my list to either cut back on or eliminate all together.   At the same time I am cutting costs I am also trying to become just a little bit more “crunchy”.  I think environmentalism and saving money can meld together nicely if done  right.

I am on my last roll of paper towels and have slowly been weaning myself off of them.  I purchased a couple of re-usable microfiber cloths and wash cloths on sale to use for cleaning and wiping up spills.  Like in the olden days of my grandmother!

I keep a wash cloth handy on the counter for general water cleanup and minor spills.  I have no idea what I am saving in costs but “A Lighter Footprint” estimates that if you use a roll a week you’d save $100 a year by switching from paper towels to reusable cloths. As a one-person household my savings are probably not going to be high, but I did feel like I used a lot of paper towels for one person, even with the select-a-size rolls.

I plan on keeping one roll of paper towels handy at all times for any really gross cleanup, like dog vomit.  There are certain things I prefer not to use re-usable cloths to clean up.  For the most part I am getting used to the cloths and I now reach for them first rather than a paper towel.


One response to “Small Savings-Paper Towels

  • Vicki

    I applaud you for being environmental conscious. I have a handful of terry clothes that I use. I still use paper towels, but I use the ones that have the three sizes (they make great napkins) and made of recycled paper.

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