Going Gray

I’m going gray!  Well, I’ve been going gray for sometime, I have just been fighting it with hair color.  But no more, I am going back to my natural hair color which will include an excessive amount of gray hair!  Excessive to me anyway.

Premature graying runs in my family on both sides so I have been doomed from conception.  My father looked like Santa Claus by 50, completely white hair and my mom has multitudes of gray hair.  I started dying my hair in high school, although most of it wasn’t permanent and it was usually bright colors like red, green, and blue.  In college I started dying my hair dark brown or auburn, from there I turned to highlights and then back to all overall color in my thirties to hide the gray.

Its expensive and probably not that healthy for you either, so I am going back to my natural color, whatever it may be.  To tell you the truth I’m not really sure anymore.  I’ll be just as surprised as everyone else.  I’m guessing its close my mom’s hair color only darker.   My hair is long so I won’t know for sure until next year.  I’ve just given everyone and incentive to keep reading: Find Out Jenn’s Natural Hair Color Next Year!

This should save me quite a bit of money, since I always had my hair colored professionally.  An incident of doing it myself left me with fuschia hair once, never again.  It would have been ok if I wanted fuschia, but I was trying for auburn.

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