Potential Financial Setback

This last week or so we’ve had several strong storms pass through taking down trees and power lines.  I’ve seen cut up trees and tree limbs lining the streets of my neighborhood all week.  I thought I got through the storms unscathed, apparently not.

I am not positive but it looks like lightning struck a tree in my backyard.  I discovered this at 6pm on Friday.  Why does everything happen on Fridays?

I immediately called my landscaper friend in a panic and he replied, “sweety, we’re closed right now.”  He did assure me that there was nothing that could be done right now and he’d have his tree guy over on Monday to assess it.  It is hard to tell from the photo but it is one large tree and a bucket truck can’t get into my backyard.  I don’t  know how much this is going to cost me, but I’m pretty sure whatever it is I don’t have it.  My emergency fund is only half funded, I am still working on rebuilding it after raiding it this spring for home and car expenses.

Ah, The joys of home ownership!  At least now I’ll have more sunlight in the backyard.   If “an act of God” took down any tree, the gigantic one dying in the front yard that my neighbor won’t let me cut down would have been better.


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