Catering a Baby Shower

Today I am catering a Baby Shower for close friends.  I am not organizing it thank goodness, just bring food for 20 people.  The shower isn’t fancy and Mom-to-be isn’t into being the center of attention, which is why she didn’t have a wedding shower or bachelorette party.  I can’t blame her, I am the same way and I wouldn’t want the showers either.  I want her to have a stress-free time and make it nice for both of them but I also can’t spend a ton of money either.  Luckily she is my frugal friend and doesn’t like to spend unnecessarily so I think she would whole-heartedly approve that I am doing this on a budget.  I think other people may be bringing food items, but I am not sure, I am not the coordinator so I really don’t know.

I planned the menu as follows hoping to stay under $50:

Mini-frankfurters in a crockpot  $11.38

Cheesy Potatoes $15.25

Spinach and Artichoke Dip w/ crackers $17.93

Bowl of Mixed Fruit $8.21

All in all the total came to: $52.77(only $2.77 over budget).  Not too bad, but I have noticed that I always tend to go over budget ever so slightly.  This may add up over time so I need to fix that.  A good start though.


2 responses to “Catering a Baby Shower

  • Vicki

    Your menu is awesome and congrats to almost making the budget. I like you have the same problem, so I have been working only on a cash basis. It really makes you think twice about spending.

    • Jenn

      Thanks, I was alternately worried I’d over-bought or didn’t make enough. Turns out I needed half the he cheesy potatoes and more spinach and artichoke dip.

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