Routine vs. Schedule

I returned Sunday from my weekend “up north” and spent Monday in “recovery”.  “Recovery” simply means I managed to sleep in late, clean the house, grocery shop, and cook for the week ahead.  I had a great time and was completely worn out.

I spent Monday doing errands so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed the rest of the week.  I like to plan out my week as much as possible.  It doesn’t mean I am rigid about my schedule.  In fact I detest having a schedule, I like routine.  The difference between schedule and routine is the flexibility.  In a routine even if I do the same things day in and day out I don’t feel obligated.  My days go smoother when I follow a routine and my routines change over time.  I am always adapting them to changes in my circumstances and enhancing my routine with better habits.

Schedules drive me nuts!  I hate the obligation of having to be somewhere or do something on a regular basis and specific time such as attending a yoga class.  Schedules are specific and are not adaptable.  When a schedule is not followed it sometimes messes up other things and if a change is needed  it usually is difficult to achieve.  If I decide I don’t feel like attending yoga on Wed at 6pm but at 7:15 I am more in the mood I have already missed it and wasted my money.

I have a pretty set daily routine and prefer to follow it: get up, drink coffee, go to work, walk dogs, clean/errands, relax, bed.  Any one of those things can be done at different times of the day, but they all need to be done at some point in time. So when my routine is interrupted I try really hard to get back into as soon as possible and that is how I spent my Monday.


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