Shopping Spree

I ended up spending more than I had anticipated this weekend, mostly because I stopped at Kohl’s in Gaylord on the way to my friend’s.  It is a good thing I keep a “slush” fund and had the money to cover my “shopping spree”.

I needed a few more T-shirts to wear for the rest of the summer, two just wasn’t enough even as frequently as I do laundry.  I managed to drop $122 at Kohl’s on Friday.  Almost all of the items were needed, I just kept putting off shopping because I didn’t want to spend the money and I don’t like to shop often.  I get the shopping bug once in a while but for the most part I prefer to purchase items I need online and avoid stores all together.  At least for that amount I did manage to purchase 4 t-shirts, six hair clips (I am growing out my bangs), a pair of sandals, underwear, and a new handbag (now I can return the one I’ve had on loan for a year).

I manged to get everything on sale but not clearance, as I am a poor clearance shopper.  I don’t really enjoy shopping that much and I’d rather cut off an arm than spend hours combing through the clearance racks.  That is also why I avoid stores like TJ Max and AJ Wright.  I want to shop for clothes that are displayed in groups and sorted by clothing size.  I want to walk around the store glancing at the displays.  If the items catch my eye, I’ll try them on, if not, then I am in and out of the store in minutes.  I don’t care for clothes and shoes enough to spend hours looking for them.  I’ll let other people be the bargain shoppers and I’ll pay more for my clothes but purchase less items.

I am all set for the rest of the summer.  I could use at least one more pair of shorts, but I doubt I’ll go shopping again.  I did receive $20 in Kohl’s Cash, which I will use this week on socks. Ugh, back to the store!

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