I’m so vain….

….and I think this song is about me.

I think of myself as a low maintenance, non-girly, kind of gal.  I don’t have a lot of clothes and shoes.  I’ve never understood how people can go weeks without doing laundry. I can barely make it a week without starting to run low on clothing.  I’ve never “swapped out my winter and summer wardrobe”.  I don’t wear makeup and  I was 26 before I started carrying a purse on a regular basis.

I am, however, really vain about my hair!  These last two months of growing out my bangs and hair color has made every day a bad hair day.  It makes me want to cry.  On top of that I have been experimenting with environmentally friendly and cheaper shampoos.  I recommend trying all three, just not at the same time.

To give myself a break I am going to go back to my expensive, not so environmentally friendly Aveda shampoo, temporarily.  I still plan to continue my hunt for less toxic and cheaper hair care but I need to have my Aveda while I continue experimenting.   I still don’t recommend doing two of the three at the same time, but I am already several months in to growing out the bangs and the color.  Now is not the time to go backwards or have to start the process over.

At least I’ll like how my hair feels and smells even if it doesn’t look that great!

4 responses to “I’m so vain….

  • Vicki

    Hi Jenn – I can relate to the feeling good about the hair. I don’t go out and splurge on clothes and shoes (simply not in the budget). But I won’t skimp on the following: skin regime care (Neutrogena), hair care (Aussie Moist) and shower body wash (Dove). Here is my philosophy – when I feel good about myself, I am more focused, and can say no. It’s a trade off. The key is that I use these sparingly, and look for any and all sales and use coupons. Good luck!

    • Jenn

      So true, we do need to feel good about ourselves. I will be budgeting in the more expensive hair care products for awhile. I am still bound and determined to switch to more environmentally friendly products, but I can’t experiment without a good haircut!

  • Young Mogul

    Everyone has some vanity in one area or another. Obsession with pretty hair isn’t as bad as some other things people splurge on.

    • Jenn

      People have always told me how they loved my hair. That is probably how I became so obsessed with it. We all need something physical about ourselves that we love in addition to the spiritual and intellectual.

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