Saving on Funeral Expenses

This weekend at the family reunion my aunts and one uncle sat down and started talking about my grandmother’s funeral wishes.  I was included in the discussion for two reasons; I wandered by as they sat down and voiced my opinion; and I have a tendency to be my mother’s replacement in family matters.  It was actually a very humorous discussion.  That’s my family, they can make anything into a laugh fest.

Turns out my grandmother (she is 83) has been putting money aside from her social security all year to pay for her burial and cremation, although not in that order.  She doesn’t want a funeral and her sister purchased three plots back in 1957 and gave two of them to my grandma.  Talk about saving us all kinds of money!  Way to go grandma, in a sad, morbid kind of a way.  I, of course, have no desire to see her go, but it reminded me of when my grandfather died.  Technically, he is my step-grandfather, but seeing as my mom’s dad died way before I was born I consider him my grandpa.

When my grandfather died the VA covered his cremation and possibly a headstone.  To be honest I haven’t been to his plot.  I personally paid for the actual burial in one of the gift plots.   Whether he is actually buried there is suspect.

I wrote the check to my grandmother to cover his burial costs shortly after he died (if you haven’t guessed yet, my grandparents are poor).   A little less than a year later we decided to move my grandmother from her rental house into a senior apartment closer to two of my aunts.

As we were cleaning out the house for a rummage sale my aunt pulled a small wooden box out of the closet and asked my grandmother “What’s this?”.  My grandmother turned and looked at my aunt holding the box and said nonchalantly with a small wave of her hand, “Oh, that’s just Frank.” and turned back to what she was doing.  My aunt made a little scream and dropped the box on the bed.  She just looked at me and we started laughing.  Supposedly they later went out to the cemetery with a shovel and buried him, but he could have just as easily been sold at the rummage sale.

My question is:  What the heck did she use the money I gave her for?


2 responses to “Saving on Funeral Expenses

  • Suzy

    Is it wrong that I haven’t stopped laughing since I read this a few minutes ago? I like to think that Frank is now currently residing on a shelf in someone’s kitchen, above the table where they play cards and smoke. “Oh, that’s just Frank.”

    • Jenn

      No, I laughed writing it. Frank would have loved sitting on someone’s shelf where they played cards and smokes. Even more so if they had a two-liter of Vernor’s sitting next to them and sugar wafers.

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