I am no one’s mom….Oh wait.

Again with the Family reunion stories.

My cousin’s four-year old daughter took a shine to me at the reunion.  Probably because I have really cute dogs whose names she remembers.  I was playing with her for a while in the house (she was stealing my opposable thumbs and now has to come over everyday to brush my teeth!) and she said something about me being a mom.  I responded with “Sophie, I am no one’s mom”, then we went back and forth about whether or not I was mom to my two dogs.  I am not sure if I won the argument.  Love four-year olds!

At dinner she insisted on sitting next to me, so I sat with my 83-year old grandmother on my left, Sophie on my right, and her dad sat across from her.  Her dad had fixed her a plate and grabbed a large chicken breast that was too much for her to eat. He proceeded to cut off an appropriate amount and announced “does anyone want the rest of this chicken?”. My mother, who was standing nearby, said “I’ll take a little of that”.  My cousin grabbed an extra plate, plopped the rest of the chicken on it and handed it to her.  My mother immediately protested “that’s too much, I just want a little bit”.  My cousin, being the logical person he is said “take what you want and give the rest away”.  This exchange happened several times and felt like it went on forever.

Finally, I said “Mother.  Would you like me to cut some chicken off for you?”.  Her eyes widened, “Yes. Would you?”.  So I grabbed the plate and cut off some chicken for her.  Luckily my aunt was standing nearby and took the rest.  She probably wanted to rip the chicken from my mother’s hands during that entire conversation.  Then to my left I hear “Is there anymore of that strawberry stuff up there (meaning the buffet table)?”.

I turned to my grandma and said “yes”, and all I heard was silence.  Finally I asked “Would you like me to get you some?”.

“Oh, yes, please”, my grandma responded, quickly this time.  I grabbed her plate and got her some of “the strawberry stuff” and went back to finally eat my own dinner.

I so desperately wanted to lean over to Sophie and say “I lied, Sophie, I am someone’s mom!”


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