A case of “The Wants”

How do you get over a case of “The Wants”?

I spent hours on Monday struggling with this problem.  My Want?  An iPhone.

Last year around this time I decided to lose my landline and get an iPhone.  I transferred my number and for twenty-nine lovely days I had the object of my desire.  I loved that little piece of technology more than anything. Have I mentioned I have a marked weakness for electronics and gadgets?  If money were no object, I’d have a gigantic LCD TV, that latest phone, GPS, computer, three iPods’, etc.  Not because I need them (nor do I actually have them), but because I love playing with them and discovering all the really cool things that they can do.  It is possible this gadget/electronic fascination coincides with my science fiction obsession.  I am pretty sure they are not mutually exclusive.

By now you must be wondering “what happened?  Why only twenty-nine days?”

AT&T happened!

I had so many problems with service,  the switchover of the phone, and my internet that I demanded they put everything back the way it was.  AT&T is a large segmented company and each segment doesn’t seem to know what the other is doing.  Plus, my underlying frugal sensibilities, although not yet full-blown, were beginning to whisper in my ears and I balked at the increase I would have to pay per month.

BUT, I still want an iPhone!  Not the iPhone 4 but a tried and true iPhone 3.  I can even purchase a refurbished model for $49!

So, I spent Monday going back and forth in my mind and on paper trying to justify the expense.  I even filled out the online order forms at least twice.  I never pushed that final button, though.  It took some massive self-control, but I  finally got over my severe case of the wants, this time anyway.

6 responses to “A case of “The Wants”

  • Jeff

    was the service bad in your area? or was it a temporary thing. I like your comparison of gadgets to sci fi as both pertain to me. I’d have a hard time fighting the wants with iphone for $49. Good job. I believe it will get easier…i have to believe it will at least not get harder to fight the wants.

    • Jenn

      My issue was really more about their business services than anything. I think the fascination with gadgets and computers is correlated to a love of sci-fi!

  • Jeff

    whats your favorite sci fi show?

    • Jenn

      Good question. Is “all of them” an answer? Looking at my ever shrinking DVD collection (weird how that is happening) I still have all my Stargates, X-Files, and Firefly. I also love Dr. Who and anything British. I’ll watch just about anything sci-fi, at least at first, if they can’t maintain my attention I’ll give it up, like Caprica, The Dollhouse, etc.

      • Jeff

        I grew up on Star Trek…but my all time favorite is Stargate sg-1. I think it ended perfect even though it wasn’t how they wanted it. I couldn’t get into Altantis but I love Universe. I loved Firefly…why they cancelled it I will never know and farscape when it was on. I couldn’t get into babylon 5, earth final conflict or andromeda. If your a fan of Flash Forward it was cancelled too…though that was only slightly sci fi.

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