Falling Off The Wagon

Psychology Today has an article in it this month that talks about addiction and how “falling off the wagon” is a good thing.  That making mistakes or occasional forays into bad behaviors actually help people get over their addictions.  While the article mostly focused on dieting and alcoholism, I imagine the same can be said about finances.  I never really thought about my debt as an addiction, but I can see a correlation.

Living a lifestyle that we can’t afford and/or shopping addiction that we can’t curb.  Giving into impulses and behaviors that make our lives easier in the short-term while ignoring the long-term consequences.  Many of us beat ourselves up over the smallest overspending or even the desire to overspend.  Straying from the path we want, to the path we were on before, simply teaches us that we all make mistakes and need to be aware that course corrections are going to be necessary throughout the journey.

The conclusion: Don’t beat yourself up over your overspending.  Just pick yourself up and try again, what is done is done. Learn!


One response to “Falling Off The Wagon

  • Jess

    Ben and I went on a total spending freeze for three months when Ben lost his job. It really was like going cold turkey. We only bought food – and not much of that, but that meant we were in the store and having to resist everything else that is there. It is amazing the stories you can tell yourself about how a purchase will actually save you money. It is rationalization heaven when you are in that store for about the first three weeks – then it really gets easier. (Just like any addiction) So Jenn, I challenge you to four weeks of no spending on anything except $30.00 a week for food. (Buy all of your food at once so you don’t have to go back and face the gauntlet. We lived on beans and rice, eggs and peanut butter sandwiches, bananas and apples.) Babies getting in trouble – later lady

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