Door to Door Salesmen

I live in an older neighborhood with lots that average 33 feet in width.  Sometimes the houses are so close together that you hear things you don’t want to, but that is a topic for another day.

One of the problems in living in a more compact neighborhood is that we are fodder for door-to-door salesman.  In the summer, Comcast, AT&T, Roofing Companies, etc are out everyday knocking on our doors.   This drives me nuts; one, because I am a firm believer that if I want your product I will come to you.  I will not buy anything if you show up on my doorstep.  Two, I don’t like answering the door for strangers.

This week I had Pinnacle Securities at my door telling me they were upgrading the security systems in the neighborhood and asking me if I still had the system monitored, what features did I have…yada….yada.  I told the salesman, “I don’t feel comfortable answering questions about my security system and I am perfectly happy with my old (2005) system”.  He got huffy and in a snarky tone said “good luck with that” and walked away.  At least he went away.

The second guy that showed up on my doorstep this week was from some supposed gas company called MXEnergy.  He started out by asking to see my gas bill.

First of all, why would I show my gas bill to a perfect stranger who isn’t even from MY gas company?  I told him I don’t have one, everything is online.  He asked me if I’d go print one and bring it back.  I said I didn’t have a printer and I didn’t have time to check online right now.  Finally, he said he’d check back with me at a later date.  At least this one wasn’t rude, but he was persistent.  He caught me on a better day so I was just evasive and didn’t just tell him to go away.

I’ve had these companies and others come by my home summer after summer.  At least the AT&T U-Verse people have cut back on their selling in my area.  They blanketed us pretty heavily last year with two products I was actually interested in, dedicated DSL line and digital phone service.  However, they wouldn’t let me sign up without TV.  Even though I kept saying I don’t want TV, they kept insisting that I had to sign up for it first and then cancel it within thirty days.  Ha, I don’t think so!  I also kept asking technical questions about the wiring and how they planned to bring it into the house and the specific equipment.  Sales person had no clue, I think I flustered her!

I am a horrible potential customer if you show up at my door.  However, if I show up at your store I am a great potential customer than gets your card and makes sure you get the commission when I finally buy!


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