Researching Major Expenses

Several posts ago I mentioned I was saving up for a digital camera.  I am still saving up for that goal, although it has become more urgent, if you can call purchasing a digital camera urgent.

Last Sunday some friends of mine that I rarely get to see (they live in CA), were in town for one day only.  I wanted to get some pictures of all of us together so I grabbed my camera and turned it on and…..nothing.  The lights all came on but the lens wouldn’t open.  I missed my chance at photos and it may be another three years before I have a chance to see them again.

So now I feel the need to step up my goal to purchase a new camera.  Of course this requires researching to figure out which cameras have the features I want and are worth paying for.  Have I mentioned I hate researching major purchases?

There are simply too many combinations of features and brands to sift through.  Someone, somewhere, needs to invent a website where I can fill out a multiple choice questionnaire on what I like to take photos of and how I like to take those photos, then simply tell me which camera to buy. This would also work well for car purchases and other electronics as well……or is there already an App for that?

Now I am wondering if I should spend more time on looking for my imaginary website instead of researching cameras? I feel a little like I am going to have to spend more time trying to figure out what to buy than time I’ll spend using it.  Does any one else hate trying to figure out which brand and model they should purchase?  Do we have too many choices?


2 responses to “Researching Major Expenses

  • Jeff

    Is there now still a hurry to buy? Like you said it will be a few years till you see them again. I am only asking because my wife and I just recently bought a great camera for $250. I don’t know the specs on it but it was a 9-10 megapixel. It takes great pictures. If you don’t need one in say the next few months I would just find one you like and save for it. good luck.

    • Jenn

      It is not so much the saving for a camera as it is figuring out which one. Having so many to choose from can be overwhelming. I don’t like to spend that much money without a little research and know I purchased the right one for me. Not necessarily the cheapest as I believe you get what you pay for.

      There isn’t a huge hurry, but I really like taking photos of just about everything. I considered a digital SLR and know exactly which one I’d buy. I am only planning on a point & shoot right now, that is the one that I am having trouble deciding on.

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