Garden Accident

On Saturday a “garden accident” happened that may result in my vegetables not making it to harvest.  I had a small party and one of my friends brought his dog over to play with my Brit/Cavalier Mix.  My Brittany, who is rarely interested in playing with other dogs, decided he needed to be closer to the action in the yard.  Usually he jumps off the deck and over the garden (which is just in front) without any problems.  This time, however, he didn’t quite make it and ended up landing in the middle of the box, bending plants and wire fencing.  It was a big mess.

Once my dog made his way out of the box, my friend helped me try to straighten some of the plants and fix the fencing.  My tomato plant should be fine, but I fear the outcome of my pepper plants.  I was really looking forward to them too.  I ended up picking the three green peppers to give to my mom.  She loves green peppers and I am not a fan, I prefer them orange/red.  This has cinched it for me though, the box is moving next year to a sunnier location and away from deck.  The dogs like to use the deck as a launching pad and it is easier and cheaper to move the garden than install railing.

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