Charitable Contributions

Just because I am in debt doesn’t mean I don’t give to charity.  I am just more selective to whom I give my money.  I’d really like to give more of my income than I currently do and hope someday I can write large checks to the charities of my choice.  Until that day, I will give what I can to the charities on my short list.

I wrestled with the dilemma of giving small portions to many different charities or larger contribution to just a few.  In the end I decided to concentrate on the few with larger donations.  Although, in terms of the charities, I am sure they are small amounts, but for me it is a lot until I don’t have so much debt service to pay.

There are just so many charities and many good causes and organizations.  There are also some “not so great” organizations and causes.  As someone who used to work for a charity I have a little more criteria for what they do with my money.  I hated my job with the non-profit charity and it may have colored my view on those types of organizations, but I no longer give to large disease oriented charities.  I prefer charities where I can see my money put to immediate use (not into research) and that have impacted my life or a loved one in some way.

The main charities that receive my money are:

Capital Area Humane Society – This is where I adopted my very first and most beloved dog 2.5 years ago.

National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network (NBRAN)- About 1.5 years ago I took in a foster dog that I ended up adopting and realized I can’t foster animals, as I will end up keeping them.

Veterans of Foreign Wars– My grandfather was an active member and they put together a memorial service for him when he dies and and they take care of his grave site on memorial day.

Michigan State University– My alma mater for undergraduate education.  While, they already received a great deal of my money, those were some of the best years of my life and I am still attached to the place.  I also go there all the time for events and just to walk the dogs.

Volunteers of America– I don’t just help homeless animals, but homeless people too.

How do you support charities?  Do you prefer to donate money or time?


2 responses to “Charitable Contributions

  • Jeff

    as much as I love that you give to the VFW…biblically anything over the tithe is giving…and giving is for those with excess….being we are in debt I dont give outside the tithe yet just to get out of debt. I will start giving once out of debt. Just my two cents…again thanks for giving to the VFW and the others.

  • Vicki

    I donate regularly to the local food banks and the Boys/Girls Club of America.

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