Checking in on my $30 a week Challenge

So far?

Epic Fail.

Jess, have no idea how you did it!  Hats off to you!  I haven’t even come close to staying within $30 a week.  I seem to be averaging about $60 a week.  So I am staying within what I would normally budget, but tend to exceed.  So maybe if I shoot for $15 a week I’ll hit $30.

I am eating at home, but I refuse to eat processed food which tends to be cheaper in general than fresh food.  Plus, I am not that adventurous of a cook nor do I have time to experiment with recipes.  I haven’t given up yet and while I keep spending over $30 a week I have become better at planning my meals.

I still have another week left and I’ll try to make the food in my house last the next two weeks.

2 responses to “Checking in on my $30 a week Challenge

  • Jess

    It might help if you go off budget to stock up on some big food items that can last a long time. We bought a 20 pound bag of rice and a 10 pound bag of beans. A huge container of peanut butter and a huge jar of jam. That was our staple food for those months. It really was hard. I am proud of you for keeping up the effort. If you are getting better at planning meals then it has been a success. Also, you should take a look at Horocks fruit market. While it is a bit of a drive – we would buy 10 pounds of potatoes there for 98cents. If you carpool out there with someone you can get the best prices on fruits and vegetables. Good luck Jenn!

    • Jenn

      Yeah, that was part of the overspending problem. I ran out of some of the more expensive staples that I cook with like olive oil. Anyway, I just made pancakes that I will freeze and they should last me for two weeks along with a stir fry of tofu, baby bok choy, snow peas, and red pepper that I can eat with the Quinoa I have in the cupboard. I did run out of peanut butter and jam!

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