New Shed?

There is a remote possibility I might get my new shed built this fall.  I’ve been joking with a co-worker about having his boy scout troop earn merit badges by building me a shed.  Yesterday, he asked if I was serious about having one built and I said “it depends on the actual cost”.  Apparently he is interested in making extra money and must have gotten the go ahead from his wife to make the offer to build me one, for a fee of course.  It would be he and his youngest son (the boy scout) working on it.

My co-worker offered to bring in a book on shed plans and work out how much it would cost.  I am hoping it comes in around what I was willing to pay. The thought of a shed with doors that not only stay on but lock is highly tempting.  The plastic shed that came with the house has been falling apart for two years.

I don’t need anything fancy and I have leftover shingles from the new roof that I can use.  Please let the price be reasonable!!


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