Being in the Moment

Yesterday,  I took some time to slow down and just “be in the moment”.

“Being in the moment” isn’t something I am good at doing, I often get caught up in my daily to-do lists.  I am always muttering to myself that there just isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish all the things I want to do in addition to the things I have to do. I have a huge list that includes; house chores, blogging, budgeting, writing, working on my business plan, working out, reading, watching TV, working.  The list is endless.

Last night, I decided not to do anything, regardless of whether I “needed” or “wanted” to do a task.  I started off reading on the deck, but my brain kept getting in the way by whispering to me that I should do the dishes or go to my writing group.  So I stopped reading and just sat there, watched the trees move, listened to the rustling of the leaves, and the singing of insects.  It was very relaxing, and though it felt like hours, it was probably only fifteen minutes or so of actual quiet and lack of thought.

Then my mind began to wander again, but not towards the to-do list that is always present in my mind.  I began to concoct fantastical stories of creatures that lived in the trees as I watched them move.  I write as a hobby and love to imagine the stories that I’ll write.  Though the stories hardly ever make it to paper, I like the fact that I can sit and stare at moving trees for an hour and still make the stories up in my head.  I haven’t lost my creativity as I’ve aged, it just moves too fast for me to capture it.

I love to just sit and get lost in my thoughts and imagination.  I’ve always had the ability to enjoy myself inside my own head.  It’s just as we grow older, it gets harder to do, as responsibilities overtake us and get our priority.

Last night was a slow down evening and it was good.

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