My $8000+ Set of Teeth!

After three plus years, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!  After several appointments between myself and my dentist, and myself and my orthodontist, a finalization plan on my teeth is coming together.

My upper braces may be off in four to six months.  Then I have to start paying more money for my teeth (I paid for my orthodontia treatment the first year).  This time for two veneers, an impacted wisdom tooth removal, and an implant.  All of which will probably be in excess of $3000 which combined with the $5000 for the orthodontia gives me a set of teeth priced at over $8000.

I meet with the Oral Surgeon on September 2 for a consult to find out more about the wisdom tooth and the implant.  My regular dentist will do the “cosmetic dentistry” and give me veneers.  The reason I put quotes around cosmetic is that for many people veneers are cosmetic and that is what the insurance calls it. I call it “grinding down my abnormally small teeth and adding veneers so my teeth don’t have large spaces and start moving again thereby making the money spent on braces worthless”.  Each veneer is going to cost me $810, and even all this work I am having done was a compromise in time and money.  The implant itself is only $1450, not including the surgeons time and effort.  The wisdom tooth should be covered under insurance, however.

All this time, money, and effort to save one molar!  Yes, one molar!  I am missing a molar on the lower right and the “left over” molar was tipping since it was out there in its own with no other teeth and eventually I would lose it too.  Since I had to get braces on the bottom, I just decided to do the top as well.  At some point in time I will post the before and after pictures but I need to get them from the orthodontist.  I think the change is significant, but when I post the photos you can judge for yourself.

In the end, the moral of this story is:

Parents, if you can pay for your childs orthodontia when they are young, PLEASE do so!!  Frankly, I’d even take out a loan to get my kid braces (if I had one).  It is SO much more money, time, pain, and difficulty doing this as an adult.  Heck, If my mom had given me any kind of dental care growing up, I would gladly pay her back for it now.  But I only saw the dentist twice growing up, so she gets nothing!

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