Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Care

My fine hair tends to get build-up from shampoo and conditioner and after a while the build up makes my hair feel heavy and dirty.  I have long fine hair, but a lot of it, and usually a day at the salon makes it feel cleaner and lighter.  I was never sure if it was getting my hair cut or if the hairstylist used a special shampoo that stripped all the gunk off my hair.

Lately, my hair had been feeling heavy and gross and even though I need a haircut I can’t afford one until the end of September.  In the past if I wanted to strip the residue out of my hair at home, I’d turn to home coloring or special shampoos.  Only the home coloring worked well, but I am no longer coloring my hair so that is not an option.

In desperation, I did what any person in this day and age does, I looked online!  I found several “crunchy” websites that mentioned vinegar as a solution for getting residue build-up out of your hair.  Now, I really hate the smell of vinegar, it burns my nostrils and tastes awful as well.  I am not a salad dressing lover!  Rice vinegar is the only kind I use when cooking, as it is not as strong and pungent.

I gave in though, and decided to try using apple cider vinegar on my hair.  It worked great!  My hair hasn’t felt this light in some time and if you have the same issues I do, I highly recommend it.  It is cheaper than a special shampoo and environmentally friendly.  A word of caution, your hair will smell like vinegar for a couple of days and don’t use it often, it strips your hair of its natural oils and using it too much can leave your hair brittle.

I plan on using it maybe twice a year, tops.  it turned out to be a great interim solution until I can afford to get my hair cut!


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