Back to the Grind

It is Tuesday morning and I am preparing to head back to the grind of no lunch hour this week.  I think I can also get in some extra hours at the end of the day from home.  I didn’t end up accomplishing my goal of getting the deck stained this weekend, but will get it done this week sometime.  I have all the items I need sitting on my back porch except two.  I just need to stop at the hardware store on my way home today and pick up a tarp to cover the garden and a bucket.

I both love and hate September.  I love it because it is the start of Fall and hate it because of the project at work.  I really want the month to end, but don’t want to miss the turning of the leaves and all the other fun fall stuff.  Therefore, I am trying to cram my extra hours and errands in during the work week rather than on the weekends. I want to enjoy my weekends, even if they are spent reading on the deck or being bored.

I am fairly prepared for the week to begin, my food is set out, I made it downstairs to work out this morning, it’s a good start to the day!


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