Amazon Purchases

I was reading a blog post last night (unfortunately I forgot which one) on how much the writer spent on Amazon per year.  I was wondering how they had kept such detailed tracking for over a decade.  So I went into my Amazon account and it turns out they do it for you.  Amazon has a list of every order placed by year which includes the items and the amounts.

I went through mine,  year by year, and while I did not total up the amounts per year, I did notice a trend in my purchases.  From about 1999-2005 the purchases were almost exclusively DVDs, Videotapes, CDs, and Books.  Starting in 2005 I started to purchase more practical items, such as running shoes, kitchen appliances/tools, and pet supplies.  By 2008 my purchases were exclusively practical and  pet related.  I don’t know why I find this fascinating but I am already forming a spreadsheet and graph in my head to look at the amount, categories, and trends.  I also noticed that there were many purchased, especially between 1999-2004 that I no longer own, never actually watched/read, don’t remember owning, and wonder why did I buy that?

I think my Amazon spending may reflect my last tn years.  Look forward to further analysis on this.  Possibly this weekend.

If only we could track all our purchases over the last twenty years that easily.


2 responses to “Amazon Purchases

  • RandomizeME

    In a way, that’s scary, how Amazon has all that info about you and your spending habits. The better to send you emails touting this or that product that interests you. Makes me think of that Tom Cruise futuristic movie where he walks through a mall or something and all the ads are personalized to him.

    • Jenn

      That thought occurred to me as well. It is scary how much data is out there on all of us. Tracking someone down on the internet is super easy too. We don’t cover ourselves up nearly as well as we think we do. As an amateur genealogist I am fairly good at tracking down people and putting two and two together. You have to be to research family history.

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