No Vacation in October

It looks like I won’t be able to manage a vacation in October after all.  October is shaping up to be much like September on the work front.  I simply won’t be able to take the one to two weeks I wanted due to the work load.

I will, however, take a day or two off during that time, just not a whole block of days.  It is disappointing, but it’s not like I can go anywhere.  I don’t have the money nor anyone to accompany me.  Its funny, for someone so independent and self-sufficient, I don’t enjoy doing things by myself.  I would never go on vacation on my own, I wouldn’t have any fun.

My October is actually pretty full with social plans.  I plan to take a long weekend and visit my best friend and kids and head to Ypsilanti to visit another friend for a couple of days.  I am headed to Frankenmuth for a day to hang out with every woman in my family, which includes my mom and her 4 sisters, grandma, myself, and several female cousins.  We are all descending upon Frankenmuth for lunch and shopping at Bronners, they won’t know what hit them.  Even better, I receive a free famous chicken dinner at Zehnders (a $20+ value) for my birthday month.

A few years ago I signed up to receive a free dinner postcard that is good for your entire birthday month.  Traditionally, I go with a friend and we split her meal, which saves us both money.  This year, I am using it on myself.  The dinners are around $20 per person.  Very expensive, but they are delicious and the restaurant is usually packed, so people will pay the price.

I am only willing to pay half the price, which is why I go in October only!

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