September Was Rough

September turned out to be a rough month all around.  An exciting and pretty good month on the personal front, but rough at work and financially.  I ended up using one of my credit cards for tons of miscellaneous items, without really thinking about it.

Can you say “old habits die-hard”!

Work was pretty excruciating and October will rough too, but hopefully not quite as bad as September.  I did not devote much time to my finances and they spun a little out of control.  I still managed to lower my debt, but not nearly as much as I could.  The only thing that saved me was that September was a three pay period month.  Well, that doesn’t happen again for a half-year.  I will not neglect my finances for October, I will not neglect my budget, and I will not neglect this blog.  I realize how much I need to stay on top of things for this to really work.

I managed to pay off my smallest 401k loan, just in time for our 3% pay cut to take effect in addition to my LTD payments, luckily it means my salary should remain stable.  I was looking forward to having a little more cash to use in my budget, but Cie la vie.  At least they corresponded so I am not suddenly dropping my salary by $200 per month, I am already used to that money being taken out every pay period.

If you look a little to your right, you can see another debt in bold that says “PAID”.  Ah…bliss.

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