Not Again!

This morning I checked my student loan account to make sure that 1) I had the money for my October payment and 2) that the government was going to debit my October payment.  I thought I had cleared everything up last month with a phone call.  Alas, I am again in in-school deferment.  I checked the account, they had corrected it in September and listed me as in forbearance to cover the gap in payment.  But somehow I had a second in-school deferment applied to my account.

I am not in school.  I want to pay my loan!

So this is a lesson, if you have a student loan that you are paying and decide to take a class at the local community college, even if it is just one, you might end up with this same problem.  Apparently it is automatic if you sign up for any class.  It wasn’t in the past, I have taken courses at the community college before without this issue.  There is something to be said for not streamlining government functions.

I will call again today and see what I can do to stop the madness.  This month, however, if they don’t debit the payment, I will simply make the payment online.  I prefer they debit the payment, it drops me down a quarter in interest.  Normally, that small percent wouldn’t matter, but with amount of the loan (almost what I owe on my mortgage), it makes a huge difference.

The worst part, the class I took that is causing me all this grief, was horrible and a complete waste of my time and money!  No more classes for me!


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