Still working on getting it back together…

This week has been weird in so many ways.  I am still working on getting it back together after having given myself free rein in September.  It has turned out not to be quite as easy as I had hoped.

I had a routine that has been severely disrupted.  It is still disrupted to some extent as I deal with the fallout of September.  My overspending, ignoring my finances, eating out all the time, neglecting my poor dogs.  Don’t worry, my bills were paid and by “neglecting my dogs” I simply mean spending less time playing and walking them.  Not really neglecting.

I have a huge backlog of to-do items that I have been trying to get done this week.  I’ve hardly been at the office, which really doesn’t help me get back to my routine.

I am hoping next week will be better, but I am working on not eating out all the time and trying to get my finances in order.

Here is to the weekend!


2 responses to “Still working on getting it back together…

  • Jeff

    I am under the impression everyones september was not normal. Excluding Mrs.Freebird who just today is debt free. Anyways Mine was messed up.

  • Jenn

    Maybe it is the transition from summer to fall that messes everyone up. I am very happy for Mrs. Freebird and highly impressed at their accomplishment. I hope to hit my debt free date before my estimated date of 2018.

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