Accomplishments, Non-Financial

This last week I spent doing errands and chores that I had put off for months.  It was one jam-packed week.

I finally picked up my rental S.A.D. Light Box for the winter months.  It is very expensive to rent at $50 a month, so I only signed up for two months.  I am going to try it out and then do research on purchasing my own.  They are hundreds of dollars, however, if they work it is worth it.  I’d say I need one from Late-October to Mid-March, that is on average about 5 months a year at $50 a month, for a total of $250.  It is definitely a better investment to purchase one rather than rent.  But, I am going to rent for two months to see if it helps at all.  If not, I am out $100 not $250+.

I also stained my deck, finally.  I didn’t do a very good job.  I started using a brush to paint every board and those boards look really nice, but to finish the whole deck would have taken me days.  I ended up using a large pad to get multiple deck boards done at the same time.  They don’t look nearly as good.  I will probably re-stain the deck in the spring and use a brush.  I have posted the before and after pictures for your viewing pleasure.












This upcoming week is going to be another killer at work as I have a big deadline on the 18th.  I am supposed to present my work at a meeting out-of-town that day as well, but, lo and behold I am now on jury duty.  It is supposed to be random, but I seem to always end up with jury duty in the years I am eligible.

It is going to be rough week.

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