My chaos has trickled into October

My overspending in September has trickled into October.  Ugh, it was worse than I thought.  My numbers will still go down  this month, but not by much.   I used credit cards and savings in September without thinking, reverting back to old habits.  Then in October as I tried to catch up and fix what I had done, I used them again because I was short money.  I think I am nearing the end of the merry-go-round, by November I think I’ll be back on track.  I will just end up behind by a month or so in my goals.

I overspent by a few hundred dollars.  Not good, not good at all.  The funny thing is, most of it wasn’t on anything physical, meaning I can’t return anything to the store.  There are two exception, the rental for the SAD light and a heated mattress pad.  Both of which I consider necessary for the upcoming winter.  The light is for my winter blues and the mattress pad is so I don’t need to keep my heat at 74 at night.  I have hardwood floors and my bed is close to the floor without a box spring.  The cold seeps up from underneath and I freeze in the winter.  Its great in the summer, but winter, not so much.  I may be just trying to justify this all to myself, but I am not returning either one.

I am going to print out a couple of posts from this month and hang them on the wall in front of my computer to remind me not to do this again.

Live and Learn.


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