New Job?

Yesterday at work, I received an email that was circulating about an impending restructuring.  It wasn’t directly sent to every one, of course.  It was sent to upper management who then filtered it down through the ranks at their own discretion.  Meaning, not everyone has seen it and it is the worker bees who are forwarding it to each other so we are all informed.

Basically, we will be restructured, positions eliminated, offices closed.  All those lovely things that amount to layoffs.  I guess it will come down to either; I end up in a new position or I end up laid off.  Luckily they are fairly slow at accomplishing things, so I am banking on at least another year before it all goes completely crazy.

I have noticed that no empty positions have been filled in a couple of years and that there seems to be more and more empty seats as people move on.  I have more than enough work to do, but I can easily be outsourced for two to three times the amount.  One less employee looks good on paper even if it costs them more in the long run.

I better start upping up my efforts to become self-employed.


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