Fighting the urge

November ended up being a better month for me than September and October.  I still have some money in my “Slush Fund”, which is the savings account I use to fund my purchases in clothing, scrapbook, movies, other hobbies and fun stuff.  It is not a lot of money and it sometimes gets used to cover shortfalls, but I think it is important to keep.

I am currently fighting the urge to apply it to a debt.  The reason I don’t just apply it to a debt is, the larger the saving s account gets the more “fun Money” I have to use in the future.

I buy into the debt snowball, live way under your means, get out of debt ASAP, spend money on nothing philosophy.  However, unless you can do so within a year, maybe two, you will burn out.  So having this “fun Money” is crucial to success as far as I am concerned.  I am looking at a minimum of eight years to get rid of my debt load.  I can’t spend eight years having no fun and not replacing clothing as it wears out and gets ruined.

I need to remind myself that the slush fund is there for a reason and is meant for fun.  Something I sometimes forget to have, but the money should be there just in case I remember!


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