Happy Clean the House Month

I’ve declared December to be Clean the House Month!

Why? I really need to get more organized.  I haven’t written much this month, due to many things.  Nor have I been reading the blogs I follow.  I looked at my Google Reader this morning and there were 147 posts waiting for me.  I definitely haven’t been involved.

My excuse?  Life and a guy.  What can I say, I got distracted by my personal life, which is going very well by the way.  I was catching up with some of the posts this morning and I am down to 97 left to read.  The minimalist blogs in particular really started to sink in.  I already thought I was living fairly minimally in my 673 sq ft house.  Then I went into the bathroom and I thought to myself;

“I have six towels that I don’t use sitting on shelves in the bathroom.  They are for decor only!”

Really?  Why do I have towels for decoration?  I should use everything I own or not have them at all.

So, I realized I don’t live minimally or smartly for that matter and December is going to be my Clean the House Month.  I am going to really looking at what I own, sell things, give things away, reorganize and make everything useful one room at a time!


One response to “Happy Clean the House Month

  • Jess

    So far, December has been tear up the house looking for the keys month. Granted it was only three days, but we made a month worth of mess looking for the darn things. Will our house ever be clean again? A lot of entropy was released last weekend, I don’t know if we can put the genie back in its bottle.

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