Spending on Hobbies

In September I let my subscription to Ancestry.com lapse as I couldn’t afford the yearly $299 fee at the time.  Currently, I regret not having the service and am saving up to purchase it again.

This got me thinking about all my hobbies, both my cheap ones and my expensive ones.  As my time seems to become more and more limited I struggle to not only pay for my hobbies but to find time for them as well.  I may have to cull some of them so I don’t feel that I am being pulled in too many directions.  The problem is that I enjoy them all, I’d much rather be doing them than just sitting around watching TV.

In response to not having enough time and money I am implementing an action plan to determine what stays and what goes.

Step 1: list all the hobbies out in no particular order.

Step 2: the pros and cons of the hobby.

Step 3: estimate the actual time spent doing the hobby.

Step 4: how does the hobby benefit my life plans and goals (should actually figure that out first)

Step 5: How would not devoting time to the hobby impact my life

Step 6: Re-evaluate each hobby and re-order them in priority.

Step 7: Eliminate some hobbies and devote my extra time to a select few.

It all sounds like a lot of work to do this, but I really enjoy all of them and all combined they cost me too much money.   I think this process might be applied to other things in my life as well, but I’ll start with the hobbies.  Has anyone else had to do this?  How did you feel once you started to eliminate things you like doing down to the things you love doing?


6 responses to “Spending on Hobbies

  • Jess


    I have discovered a great way to give up all hobbies! Have kids….

    It is not however, a good way to save money. Expensive little buggers!

  • Jenn

    Ha, Ha, Ha. Definitely not a good way to save money. However, I have found that adding another person to you life also means less time for hobbies. I just need to prioritize the things I like to do. There is never enough time!

  • seattlefarmette

    What are your hobbies? Maybe if you list them out we can help you rationalize which ones would make the most sense to cut out. Also, you could look at it as getting deeper & more involved with just one or two hobbies, rather than dabbling in a few.

  • Jenn

    Great idea. I always describe myself as a jack of all trades master of none. That is probably because I don’t devote enough time to one or two things but spread myself out.

    My hobbies include:

    Board gaming (I do this with my BF)
    Genealogy (for myself and friends)
    Racing (walk 5k to half-marathons)

  • seattlefarmette

    OK here are my ideas off the top of my head. I’m a cheapskate so maybe you have polar opposite ideas from me, but this is my two cents! 🙂

    keep em:
    *board gaming – seems inexpensive enough, right? and a fun thing to do with friends and significant others. I bet you could also get a lot of games used.
    *reading – you can get so many good books at the library & garage sales (that’s what I do) and then occasionally splurge on buying new releases that you don’t want to be on the waiting list for 3 months.
    *writing – free, right? seems like a great hobby to me. On top of that, it is always a good skill to have career wise.

    leave em
    *sewing – this is fairly pricey…fabric, notions, patterns, etc. I like to sew too, but the cost keeps me from doing it very often. it bugs me that I can buy something for far less than I’d spend to make it myself.
    *scrapbooking and cardmaking – I dont know much about these but I’ve heard they are big money suckers. how about taking your artistic talent online, like doing graphic design, online photo albums you share via your blog, etc?
    *genealogy – $300 per year sounds really expensive to me, unless you’re going to somehow turn this into a side business I’d think you could find out about your own family in under a year and then be done with it…?

    • Jenn

      Thanks for the advice. I think I have some cost and time saving solutions and I will post an update this week. The sewing turned out to be more money than I thought and the scrapbook/card making costs a fortune. I have been doing the genealogy for over a decade, I probably won’t give it up, but will try to find ways of making it cheaper. Unfortunately the cheapest way is now out of reach as the Library of Michigan, once a great free resource is being decimated due to budget cuts.

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