Merry Frugal Christmas

Merry Frugal Christmas!

Hope everyone has a happy two days with little stress and conflict.  Remember you don’t have to cater to the pressure of others, make Christmas what you want it to be for your family.  While I am not religious, I am pretty sure the meaning behind the holiday wasn’t to spend as much money as humanly possible.  Even with a more secular version of Christmas, the relationships with others should still be the focus, not the number of gifts.

For most of my life I have only had my mom and my grandma to purchase gifts for during Christmas.  I admit, I always went overboard, spending hundreds of dollars.  My mom often had ten to twenty gifts under the tree from me, while most of my friends only ever purchased one or two for their parents.  Probably because it was just her and I, I often felt I needed to equalize her number of gifts to mine. She went overboard and so did I.

Over the last few years I have continually cut back on the amount spent and number of gifts.  This year she has three, one purchased from me, one purchased from my boyfriend, and one extra I made at her request.  I think that is plenty as neither one of us needs anything really.  In fact, when she asked what I wanted for Christmas I told her I didn’t need anything.  She insisted she wanted to buy me something so asked her to buy a couple of items for my dogs rather than myself.  Given that my dogs are the closest she is going to get to grandchildren, and she really does adore them, she complied.  So, my little dog will be getting a really nice bed and the Brittany a winter jacket.  Next year, I will ask for the reverse for each if she asks.  I walk them everyday, even in really cold weather, and my Brittany has a thyroid problem that makes it more difficult for him to regulate temperature so the jacket is helpful.  As for the dog bed, my little dog loves to lay in her corner of the room and will love the bed.

I really couldn’t ask for better presents, but even if I hadn’t gotten a thing, I’d be just as happy.


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