Tempted to Combine Households

My significant other wants me to move in with him.  The temptation is great for several reasons:

  • I am tired of hauling myself, my stuff, and my two dogs back and forth.
  • We spend all but one evening a week together anyway.
  • We are in the “honeymoon period” so it sounds awesome.
  • I really want to!!
  • and finally, think how much money we would save sharing expenses!!  Debt freedom even sooner than hoped for!

I am practical, however, and realize that it may not work, may not be smart, and may be too fast.  It doesn’t feel that way, but see bullet point number three above!   I am at least looking into the possibility of doing this in the future and by future I mean fall!  We will have been together for a year and I still need to unload my house somehow without incurring massive amounts of debt!

Honestly, the thought of not owning my own home really appeals to me right now which is funny because that was my ultimate goal as an adult!

He owns a house as well and is twice the size as mine and his living expenses are greater, but with three dogs between us and two vehicles, we would never fit in my 673 sq ft house.  I know other people do it, but I know he would be miserable.

I am very nervous and excited about this prospect, luckily I am the slower moving one when it comes to making changes.  We will be going at my pace and my pace is looking at fall!


3 responses to “Tempted to Combine Households

  • Vicki

    A word of advice of someone who has been there, not once but twice. Make sure that you and your significant other are on the same pages in regards to finances. If not, then DO NOT combine houses. You are asking for heartbreak.

  • Jeff

    I agree with Vicki but I think you need to be on the same page about everything. Everything from money to kids to what each other expects from the other around the house. Trust me this is a biggy.

  • Jenn

    We are pretty good at discussing things and are working through the various discussion items. It is still kind of a wait and see thing. If I were renting I’d probably move in when my lease was up as I could just rent something else if it didn’t work out. Since I own my own home, it is different and I am less likely to just jump in.

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