The Reality of Moving is Closer

I mentioned before that my significant other wants me to move in with him.  So far, it has mostly been an idea, even though some of my things are now at his place on a more permanent basis.  Basically, I live there on the weekends and spend two or more evenings there during the week.  It has been quite wearing on me, the living in two different places.

I am quite a homebody and like having routines so I haven’t felt relaxed for months.  We’ve talked about all my options in regards to my house, selling, renting, etc.  I had asked my mother if she was interested in living in my house and she had said no.  However, yesterday she changed her mind!  It still isn’t set in stone, she could change it back.  After all, I am a bit like her (just don’t tell her I said that), so I know that her mind can go back and forth on a decision many times until she finally makes it.

She has a really nice apartment that is larger than my home (not counting basement) and cheaper than my place.  However, she is getting tired of sharing walls and hasn’t had much luck with neighbors for the last couple of years.  I did point out that if she lives in my house for a year, she doesn’t have to stay if she hates it.  It just gives me more time to figure out what to do with the house and save money toward selling the place.

This situation would be ideal, if she agrees to it.  I will still have to pay $168 a month toward property taxes and Terminix and of course any problems that pop-up, but I’ll still save some money every month.  Plus, I KNOW my mom will care for my house and I will still have 24-hour access to it to have plumber’s over, etc.  Also, I will still have my house if things go badly with living with the boyfriend.  I’d have to move in with my mom, but she lived in the house with me temporarily years ago when she moved from Ann Arbor, so it can be done.  Other bonus! She can dog-sit at her home now.

For her, it is a little more expensive, more work with having a yard and shoveling.  However, she will now rent a house that she can pretty much do whatever she wants to it.  I agreed that if she wants to make improvements (she’ll need to pay for it) she can.  For instance, replacing the back door, putting cabinets in the kitchen, replacing the kitchen floor, and painting, while I will save the money toward the new sewer line.

The other thing that occurred to me, in this economic climate if one of us loses our jobs then the mortgage can still be paid.  It seems like a good idea, I’ll wait and see if she commits.  If she does, I’ll be moving in May!


2 responses to “The Reality of Moving is Closer

  • jeff ryan

    That is awesome that he was open minded and that you two had a good talking about not just your debt but what each other would be responsible for. This is awesome and I’m happy for you.

    • Jenn

      Thank you. This whole “going through life together” thing is really a new concept for me. I’ve been completely on my own for 20 years. Long before I left home, I was pretty much taking care of myself. It is time to try something new!

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