I Want to Change Everything

Now that I am completely upending my life by moving in with my significant other, I am noticing other parts of my life I am unhappy with more and more.

Basically, I feel stuck in a job that I don’t particularly like and at the moment can’t see a way out.  This isn’t because of the economy, it is more a lack of diversified skills.  Somewhere along the way I took a detour from my intended career and ended up in a field with limited opportunities.   To make matters worse, things have changed so much in the field I was in I would have to get back in at the entry-level.  That career, while it has more opportunities, is still not a common job and would also have limited opportunities.

How do you make a successful career change at 37 without having to go back to school or start at the bottom again?  I guess I wouldn’t mind starting at the bottom again, if I could afford it or if I knew I would really enjoy it.  Unfortunately I haven’t been successful at figuring out what jobs I’d like.  I know many people have this problem and suck it up and go to work, but I’d really like to enjoy the thing I do 8+ hours a day!

I had an idea of trying to become self-employed or starting my own business.  I just need to get the confidence to move forward and get rid of the debt.  Any one else made a mid-life career change?  Any advice?

My biggest issue at the moment is that I make a good salary and I really need the money to pay off my debts.  Perhaps I can track down a good career counselor.


4 responses to “I Want to Change Everything

  • jp

    what if you took on your “intended career” job as a part time job? That way, you could start working up the ladder, get your name in that market, make sure it’s what you want (since it’s changed so much), yet still have the larger paycheck of the job you have now? I did that with teaching at the community college – discovered that I HATED it, and am totally glad I stayed with my original job.

    • Jenn

      I have thought about trying to do it as a freelancer. I also considered teaching at a community college, just not sure how to go about doing it. Actually, I think is is more a lack of confidence that I’d be able to teach, even though I really enjoy developing and teaching software at work. I’ve only been allowed to do it twice, but I really liked it.

  • jeff ryan

    I completely understand your feelings. I hate my job. I work around ungrateful people all day long. But I love the life it provides for my family. I get to spend time with my wife and son while making a great salary and my son doesn’t want for anything. Not to say he gets everything either. This makes the 8 hours i spend at work worth it.

    I am not saying you should suck it up for that reason, as this is just me and my internal programming. I think you should find something that makes you happy.

    • Jenn

      I need to keep my current level of pay, however my income is most likely going to go down with concessions, etc. If I continuously make less at a job I hate, I might as well look at getting a new job. I don’t have kids and am not planning on having them, if I did, I’d make sure they had all they needed even if I hated my job. As a single person and about to become a DINK, I have more options open to me at the moment. I only have dogs that rely on me.

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